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Friday, 29 July 2011

Mor than you could ever want!

I was wandering through a Myer store picking up and smelling everything that was packaged in pretty packaging when I stumbled across a box labeled Mor Lychee Flower Body Butter.  Now not only was it beautifully packaged, I was instantly curious on what exactly a Lychee Flower smelt like.  Little droplets of sweet love floating on angel kissed clouds is probably the closest scent I can use to describe this Lychee Flower! I was hooked, I had no choice but to smell every single product on the stand, and I was not disappointed.  Even Mor's Basil and Grape fragrance (which when I read the box associated with an antipasto platter) was sensual and stunning!  Mor offers soaps, lotions, perfumes and candles in an abundance of sense stimulating fragrances.  Try them out for yourself next time you see them in store, you won't be leaving empty handed.

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