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Monday, 3 September 2012

Ulta3 Pro Salon Manicure

I was ecstatic to find these in a pharmacy I popped into today.  They come in 10 shades, Cafe au Lait, Coral Crush, Electric Sunrise, Hot Pink Petals, Lilac Dream, Pretty in Pink, Purple Fusion, Red Affair, Sky Blue and Tutu Pink and all retail for $4.99.  Apparently it has 5 benefits in one bottle - Base Coat, Vitamin
Enriched, Colour, Top Coat and It's Fast Drying.

Here are the 5 I picked up today in order
Red Affair, Hot Pink Petals, Lilac Dream, Sky Blue and Purple Fusion.
Application was smooth, It reads 1-2 coats, but you definitely need 2 for full colour coverage. 4 of the 5 I picked up are nice cremes and Lilac Dream has a slight pearl to it (very pretty).

The brush in the pro manicure is flat and wedged and makes for really simple clean application.  Unlike all the regular Ulta3 polishes these babies are made in Taiwan.

The colour selection is not huge, but I'm hoping they increase that in the future.  The colours are rich and drying time is impressive.  I'm going to try one out as a full mani tomorrow and check out their durability. 


  1. Can't wait till these are in my local Terry White.. I'm going to start stalking the place. ;)

  2. Love the Reds and would wear the blues on my toes :-)