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Monday, 20 August 2012

Essence Peel Off Base Coat

Essence has released this peel off base coat on its new limited edition counter tray - Ready For Boarding.  When I saw this today I was like, ohhhh no more 10 minutes with aluminium foil on the tips of my fingers! So I bought all 4 bottles.

It's an 8ml bottle with a peel back, back label with instructions that read like this

fast and easy change of colour and effect nail polish, this innovative solvent-free peel off base coat allows you to peel off you nail polish whenever you want wherever you are! no remover required!

step 1 - apply a generous layer of the peel off base coat to your nails.  allow approx 10 minutes to dry until 
             the white base coat becomes transparent.
step 2 - paint your favourite nail polish and/or effect nail polish over it and let it dry.
step 3 - simply peel off to remove does not harm to your nails.
advice: avoid hot water for 3 hours after application.

Now I there are 3 things that make this scream PVA glue to me 1) Paints white dries clear 2) Looks just like PVA glue and 3) Smells just like my kids PVA glue!  Now I'm no scientist and stupid me didn't think to check the ingredients list, but I don't think think I'm too far off with my guess!

Regardless of what's in it I can't wait to try it under a chunky glitter and see if it lives up to its promises.  Will keep you updated with how this goes!!

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