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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Oh Orange

I spent the better part of my Saturday morning digging through the nail rummage bin at my local chemist looking for something new and bright to help me celebrate the fantastic warm sunny weather we are having on the Gold Coast. And there it was (rather they were) Orange and all its fantastic variations..

I'm seeing oranges, corals and sherbet everywhere at the moment and I just had to give it a go for myself.

I will start with Ulta3 carrot top:

I don't think the photo does this shade justice.  It's a very bugs bunny bright flat carrot orange, no shimmer or metallics.  Really bright colourful and happy!

Ulta3 tahiti:

Wow its bright! I'm sure this would class as high-visibility work wear!! It's more of a pinky-orange shade that really stands out. Your nails won't be missed in this shade, even the name screams warm sunny weather.

Ulta3 watermelon:

I'm not sure if this really classes as an orange at all, but it sure is pretty.  It's more of a dusty pink shade that really makes me think warm weather and spring.  It's a flat polish with no shimmers or metallic and defiantly in my list of favorites.

So I'm loving all my new colours and the $2.25 price tag was a bonus!  And when I finally sat down to do my nails here is what I went with

Well its not Spring yet!!

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